French standard medical gas terminal

French standard medical gas terminal

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1>Medical gas terminal
2>Gas outlet
3>Include O2,Air,Vacuum,N2O,CO2,AGSS
4>100% air tightness tested.
5>Original factory

Medical gas terminal for different standards optional

More details~

Name Medical Gas terminal
Standard French (AFNOR)standards
Material Brass,Copper,Stainless steel,ABS
Medical gas O2,Vacuum,N2O,CO2,AGSS
Quality High qualtiy.all parts are produced by us with strict controlling
Advantage Competitive price under scale economy
Distinguish Different pin index used for different gases
Technic 100% Air tightness tested before sent from facotry
Apperance Beautiful apperance with high quality
Producing equipment Include CNC<8 sets>,Stamping Machine<10 Sets>,Automatic welding machine<2 sets>,Metal treatment set<Large scale 1 set>etc.

What we supply for our customers~

~We are the original facotry.welcome OEM.

~Porduce the different standards of medical gas outlets for O2,Vacuum,N2O,CO2,AGSS.etc.

~The standards of gas outlets include:British/french/South African/American/German,etc.

~Some general standards include Metric Standard, Ohmeda Standard, Chemetron Standards, Puritan-Bennett Standard and DISS standard. etc.

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