Freon Gas R410a Refrigerant with Cylinder Packing

Freon Gas R410a Refrigerant with Cylinder Packing

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Product Category:  Blend refrigerant
Product Name : R410A
a blend refrigerant of HFC-32 and HFC-125. It is substitute for R22,mainly used in air containers and refrigeranting systems.Typical Properties: Formula: CH2F2/CHF2CF3 Boiling Point (101.3KPa, C): -52.7  Critical Temperature (C): 72.5 Critical Pressure (KPa): 4964.2 Liquid Density (kg/m3): 1038.2 ODP: 0 GWP: 0.29 Package and Storage disposable steel cylinder  11.3kg/30b; recyclable steel cylinder 800kg/926L.Filling coefficient is not more than 0.87kg/L, Cylinder should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.
BKD # 622332

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