Fully enclosed type Transformer Oil Purification Plant

Fully enclosed type Transformer Oil Purification Plant

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ZYD transformer oil purification plant's Application
1. The unit is widely used in power plants, power stations, power companies, transforming industries, railways, petrochemical, metallurgical, and other fields.
2. Fast and efficient extrusion of moisture, gas, machinery impurities in the oil, and other harmful substances, improve the insulating oil flash point and breakdown voltage.
3. Suitable for treating used and wasted transformer oil, current transformer oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil, high voltage switchgear oil, and other kinds insulating oils.
4. The unit can treat the waste and used insulating fluids online without power failure, stop production, oil change, filter paper change, etc.
5. The unit can be used for the transformer vacuum oiling and for various wet electrical equipments vacuum drying.

Reclaim Oil to "Like New" Conditions
ASSEN provides oil quality guarantees to the following specifications.
Water: 3PPM
Gas 0.1%
Acid 0.03KOH/g
Dielectric Strength 75KV or higher

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