GATEM-1 Engineering Transient Electromagnetic System

GATEM-1 Engineering Transient Electromagnetic System

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Main Features:
1. the system can be widely used in various aspects including geophysical prospecting, engineering detection, water resources survey and environmental pollution detection, etc.
2. Adopt lead synchronization technology, the detecting range can be within a few meters to a hundred meters.
3. By using IGBT bridge circuit, high-power, quick shut-off, portable electromagnetic transmitter can be realized;
4. by adopting floating-point amplification and FPGA technology, high-resolution receiver can be realized; USB port data transfer facilitates the man-machine dialogue,
5. providing a complicated-geological-environment-fit, portable electromagnetic system for geophysical prospecting and engineering exploration;

Technical Specifications
Working Environment Temperature: 0C~50C; Humidity 95% (40C)
Sampling Frequency: 1us
Dynamic Range: 96 Db
Superposition Times: 1~9999 Optional
Bandwidth: DC up to 13 kHz
Synchronization Mode: Conductor Synchronization
Transmission Interface: USB
Display: 640×480 VGA High Brightness LCD
Outline Dimension: 300×250×100mm
Weight: 7Kg

Working Environment Temperature: 0C~50C; Humidity 95%
Working Frequency: 1.25~250Hz (9 frequency spots)
Transmitting Current: 50A (continuous), 70A (pulse)
Synchronization Mode: Conductor Synchronization
Power Supply Voltage: 12~150 V
Shutoff Time: Minimum 1.2us (pure resistance load)
Outline Dimension: 300×250×100mm
Weight: 6Kg

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