Gemstone Jade Carving Machine Affordable Stone CNC Router

Gemstone Jade Carving Machine Affordable Stone CNC Router

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Gemstone Jade Carving Machine Affordable Stone CNC Router

Jade carving machine Model. EA-6060S is an affordable stone cnc router especially for purpose of jade, gemstone and jewel carving; with working size 600mm by 600mm. Both cast iron lathe frame and table moving construction give this stone cnc router better working precision compared with steel tube frame and gantry moving construction machine. And the most important point is that it's cost is affordable.

Application of Jade carving machine:
Mainly for Jade, Gemstone and Jewel engraving; sometimes for aluminum and stone carving jobs.
If you are seeking for a general purpose machine, please refer to cnc stone router EA-1325S and marble cnc router EA-6090S.
Materials best for this affordable stone cnc router is jade, gemstone, marble, aluminum.

1) Gemstone carving machine frame is completely cast iron, which reduces vibration largely during machining and makes EagleTec CNC Router more stable.
2) Table-moving construction gives EagleTec CNC Router more stability when compared with bridge-moving style construction.
3) XYZ axes are TBI rolling ballscrew transmission.
4) Each axis of motion is supported on high precision linear guide ways. Hiwin linear guides allow for higher feed speeds and a better quality of cut.
5) Well compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software e.g. Type 3/Artcam/UcanCAM etc.
6) Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.
7) All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central system.
8) Anti - dust and anti - water design on X axis is protection for transmission part.

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