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GF900 Meter IR Reading Device

GF900 Meter IR Reading Device

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GF900 meter IR reading device is the company independent research and development of a new simple far infrared data acquisition terminal, the embedded design, with low power consumption, and the Chinese or English operating system, meter speed of advantages, for the power system provides a simple and reliable meter reading solutions.
Main Features
Shock: circuit board components glue reinforcement; Liquid crystal soft rubber pad around Cun protection.
Prevent slippery: sideways tooth type to the rear of the silica gel handle and the noose form double prevent slippery protection.
Resistance to cast: the use of advanced nano lens, add the stem of the thick crust, slippery lock button battery cover, machine 1.5 m fall without damage.
Anti-interference: special circuit processing can effectively resist battery interference, to ensure that the data security.
Waterproof: high precision mould making, fully enclosed shell design, effectively prevent the rain water invasion, ensure the safety of the outdoor rain weather use.
Advanced power source design: machine use rechargeable batteries, also can use alkaline batteries, battery capacity than ordinary meter reading machine high three times.

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