GFG-200 High EffIcient Fluid-Bed Dryer pharmaceutical machinery

GFG-200 High EffIcient Fluid-Bed Dryer pharmaceutical machinery

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General of applications 
The machine is suitable for drving damp granule or powder material in many fields such as pharmaceutical industry , chemical industry, feedstuff industry, fooedstuff industry, etc. 
Features of equipment
Its fluid-bed is round structure. So it avoid dead corner. 
In the bed there is stirrer. It avoids agglomeration of damp material and forming channer flow during the period of drying . 
The bag filter on top is made from anti-static special fiber. The operation is safe. 
Discharged by tuming over. It is quick, and fully.
Operated at sealed negarive pressure and desighed by GMP.
The machine can also be designed feeding and discharge automatically in accordance with requirements.
Quick drving speed. Uniform temperature. In general. The drving time cach batch is about 20-30 minutes. 

Main technical parameter 
Capacity :about 120-200kg/batch 
Power of fan: 22kw
Power of stirring 1.1kw
Stirring speed    11rpm
Stirring poer      0.75kw
Consumption of steam          282kg/h
Time of operation : 15-45 min
All dates are used for reference only . according to the condition of material .
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