GGD Low voltage switchgear cabinet

GGD Low voltage switchgear cabinet

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Product introduction

GGD type exchanges the switch board switchgear of hypobaric and suitable for electric users, such as power plant, transformer substation, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. as exchanging 50 Hz, working voltage 380V of amount, the specified electric current is regarded as power to the distribution systems of 3150
As, light and that electric energy of equipment was changed, assigned and controlled to use distribution. Product this it divides to be high to give up ability, amount tolerance electric current up to 50 KA in short-term. The circuit scheme is flexible, make convenient, practicability is strong, and such characteristic as the structure is novel up.
Product this accord with " complete set of switch equipment of hypobaric control the equipment " standard GB7251 " low village complete set of switch equipment " and with IEC439.

Brief introduction of structure

1. GGD type exchanges the form of adopting the cupboard in common use of body of cupboard of the distribution complete set of switch equipment of hypobaric, Frame weld but succeed by cold curved section steel part with SMF, frame part and special-purpose related part produce and form a complete set and supply by our company, so as to ensure the precision and quality of the cupboard body. The spare part of the cupboard in common use is designed according to the principle of the module, and have the mounting holes of 20 moduluses, the coefficient in common use is high. Can make the company realize producing in advance. Have shortened cycle of manufacturing, has improved working efficiency too.
2. Fully considers the heat dissipation question in the cupboard body is operated at the time of the cupboard design of GGD.
Have heat dissipation trough hole of different quantities in upper and lower both ends of body of the cupboard, when the electric apparatus component generates heat in the cupboard, heat rises, discharge through the trough hole of top, And the cold wind is entered the cupboard supplementary by the trough hole of underpart constantly, One ventilate one naturally to make sealed cupboard body take shape from bottom to top, achieve the goal of dispelling the heat.
3. Cupboard GGD is at the request of modern industrial products shape-designing, It adopt golden section than method last cupboard body the appearances and every size of cutting aparts of part, make the whole cupboard elegant in appearance.
4. Cupboard door activity hinge link with framework, install, dismantle convenient with pivot type. Hem place of door inlay have first mountain rubber and plastic pair, there are certain compression journeys in the fillet between the door and frame while closing the door, Can prevent the door and cupboard body from colliding directly, has improved the grade of shelter of the door.

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