Glass Bottle/Can drying machine

Glass Bottle/Can drying machine

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After capping and inspection, the bottles should be dried with our drying machine. Before sleeve labeling, the bottles should pass three suits of our special wind knives, for which the wind origins from whirlpool pump. The whirlpool generates pressure wind, and becomes high speed wind curtain through the wind knife mouth, and then the wind blows the bottles up and down till dry. Therefore it is more convenient for the (sleeve) labeling and carton packing. In this way, this machine solves the problem that the bottle body carries water, and confirms that the bottle is dry before labeling.
1) High speed wind blows into the wind tunnel to cause wind tunnel effect. Enforce and keep high wind speed to promise that the water drop on the bottle is easily dried.
2) Whirl air pump generates hot air to enforce the spray effect. 
3) The wind tunnel could be adjusted according to the height of the bottles or jars to confirm the good drying effect.
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