GNY-80A Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine of packing equipment

GNY-80A Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine of packing equipment

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1 The tube is automatically pressed into the tube holder.
2 The elastic tension type tube holder is adoped to guarantee the consistent sealing height.
3 The automatic color mark adjusting systems by stepping driving tube holder is adopted for oval tubes or other special-shaped tubes.
4 Adopt mechanical transmission mode filling system ensuring the stability of loading capacity.
5 Original Swiss LEISTER heater is adopted .
6 The internal wall of tube adopts hot air sealing and the external wall of tube adopts cooling water circulative cooling,which can beautiful sealing effect.
7 The fan (made in Taiwan) is adopted to discharge the poisonous gas produced during the heating outside the room.
8 After the sealing, the wind cooling system is adopted to prevent the heat from being conducted to the ointment.
9 PLC automatic control system.
10 Highly clearl stainless steel frame.
11 The connection of emulsifier ,cartoning machine and filling machine can be easily achieved.
12 It is easy to operate between different sizes of tubes.
13 Automatic completion of filling , sealing and batch No. printing in one machine.
14 Provided such functions as automatic supply of a tube to a worktable of machine, automatic tube blowing(clearing) , tube color mark automatic adjustment in a holder and automatic filling and sealing.
15 Speed shall be adjustable by inverter.
16 The production capacity can be realized and control automatically.
17 The code mechanical hand print the code automatically in the request position.
18 Human-machine interface with direct display and control.
19 Tube feeding, absorbing and locating device,which is controlled by the original FESTO vacuum generator.
20 Automatic detection of tube direction inversion.,Omron inversion detection phototube can accurately detect the inverted tube.
21 Cam indexing.
22 Automatic cleaning the inner tubes and the dust collecting system.
23 Provided with malfunction alarm,automatic stopping device when the door is opened and mechanical overload.
24 The combined material feeding forms of blow cutting and cutting can guarantee the filling of high viscosity.
25 Column style material temperature automatic control blending system.(optional).
26 Ultrasonic hopper level sensor. (optional)
USA BANNER ultrasonic level probe combined with Siemens module can be used to accurately control material level and give direct display on the touch screen
27 No tube no fill.
28 Material pump. (optional)
29 Water cooler(chiller). (optional)
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