Gold ore ball mill grinding process

Gold ore ball mill grinding process

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Metal mine beneficiation plants generally use the wet grinding, for which ball mill is one of the most widely used equipments.Gold ore are crushed and then screened to obtain the final product ground through the first period of ball mill and form the closed circuit grinding with grading mechanism , grading overflow by cyclone entries into the second ball mill for regrinding, and then with the cyclone forms closed-circuit grinding.

Gold ore ball mill grinding process:
Combined application of grinding and classification process by Multi-stage hydrocyclone can achieve the required size of granularity.Theoretically speaking, with the increase of grinding fineness, the gold particle exposure degree increases, the leaching rate increases.

Semi self mill cylinder screen product and ball mill products together are discharged to the cyclone material pump box, from here through the slurry pump to the cyclone. A nuclear density meter controls cyclone slurry concentration, and ball mill operates in the closed circuit consisting 6 hydrocyclone. Underflow return to the ball mill at the same time, hydrocyclone overflow discharge into the 2 cylindrical dust sieves. Dust sieve scraps and injection water overflow to the second impurity dewatering screen. Water and screen products through the pump are delivered to semi-autogenous grinding mill feed chute, and big size material to the tailings pump box.

Gold ore ball mill specific production process:
In the ball mill, there are many large *scale steel balls. When the ball mill rotates continuously, the gold ore and the ball hit each other. Ore will be similar as the sand flow, and the pulp flow out through mercury board.

Mercury plate is that the surface of board is covered by a layer of mercury ,which is the essential thing for refining gold. Because mercury can encase precious metals in the ore including gold, silver, platinum, etc. On the mercury board gold wrapped by mercury through artificial production process will form a ball, we called it as mercury ointment.

The slurry that flows through the mercury board will enter a long-shaped classifier which has two ports. If the pulp hasn't reach the required size, the classifier will make the pulp back into the ball with the stirring for regrinding, further monomer dissociation, improving recovery and concentrate quality. When the slurry reaches the certain size, the grader classifier will let it enter into next process , namely the flotation. Mercury ointment by manual processing can be respectively in extracting of gold, silver.

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