Gold ore beneficiation process

Gold ore beneficiation process

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Gold Mineral Processing Equipment
The gold mineral processing equipment include broken equipment (jaw crusher , cone crusher) , grinding equipment (energy efficient Cone Mill) , grading machiney, industry blender, spirl chute ,flotation machine.

Gold ore beneficiation process
Mainstream for gold extraction process, is generally by the mineral processing equipment (crushing machine equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher), and then into gold mineral dressing equipment (energy efficient Cone Mill) for grinding, and then grading machine ,mixing bucket, chute ,flotation machines and other equipment. Through the re-election, flotation, extract the concentrate and tailings, then application of flotation reagent by chemical methods, and finally through the smelting, their products will eventually become a finished product.

Gold beneficiation process may be understood as: ore first enter in the first period of the broken before transported into double deck vibrating screen sieve. The upper broken product together with middle-level products proceed with the second period of broken, the second paragraph of broken product return with the first paragraph of broken products for screening. The final product after the screening is sent into the first section of the ball mill grinding and with classification bodies to constitute a closed circuit grinding, through the classification of the overflow by the cyclone to enter the second paragraph of the ball mill and then grinding, then constitutes a closed circuit with cyclone grinding.

The cyclone overflow first conducts priority flotation , of which foam products proceed with the secondary selection, third concentrating selection to become the final concentrate product. Flotation tailings through a rough selection, once selected, the second selection,three times a selection of the sorting process, a scavenger. A selection of tailings with a sweeping election foam products together into the cyclone for re-grading, re-sorting, the second selection with a selection of the composition of closed-circuit selection, the three selected secondary selection constitute a closed circuit sorting.
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