Gold Ore Processing Plant

Gold Ore Processing Plant

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As the content of gold in the ores is low, in order to extract the gold, we shoud crush and grind the gold ore to powder first, and then separate the gold from the ores.
1.Crushing and grinding
Adopt the Jaw Crusher for the ore coarse ceushing ,and use the Standard Cone Crusher for the ore middle crushing, next use the short head Cone Cusher or Double Roll Cusher for the ore fine crushing. More crushing ,less grinding. when the ore size is less than 25mm, then use the ball mill for grinding, improvethe beneficiation capacity.
2.Gravity separation
Gravity separation is widely used in rock gold mine, more times as a aided process, recover the big size gold in the grinding circuit, for flotation process to create favorable conditions, improve flotation index, improve the total gold recovery rate.
3.Flotation separation
Mineral grains itself surface has hydrophobic or by flotation reagents function produce or enhance hydrophobic ,hydrophobic is close oil and gas, can be gathered in liquid and gas or water oil interface. After a series of process the gold grain although density is big but it can together with the bubbles and flotation agents, and float on the surface of the ore fluid flotation machine, will serve as a bubble product recycling.
At present, this flotation separation is most often used for the processing gold ore, and suitable for 0.5 mm to 10 um gold grains. rotary kiln jaw crusher ball mill rotary kiln ball mill manufacture

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