Goldhofer THP/SL Model Modular Trailer for OMAN

Goldhofer THP/SL Model Modular Trailer for OMAN

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Goldhofer THP/SL Model Modular Trailer for OMAN

Heavy load is inescapable linked with ChinaTrailers manufactures modular trailers fully compatible with original Goldhofer THP/SL ariel (at) heavy-duty modules the original for special loads. ChinaTrailer is always the right choice for transport operations with heavy loads requiring a high bending moment. The THP/SL modules can also be employed in a split version for combination to almost every vehicle width. Different axle spacing and numerous vehicle variations like hydraulically width adjustment make the THP/SL an adequate solution for every transport situation.
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Goldhofer THP/SL Features
Designed for concentrated loads and heavy loads in the drop deck
Mechanical width adjustment with spacers
Hydraulically width adjustment on the THP/SL split (1800)
Torsion-resistant frame with closed loading platform for concentrated loads and heavy-duty loads in the drop deck
Optimized for operation on public roads, construction sites and inside plant operations
Combinations with other heavy-duty modules
Various goosenecks
Choice of decks
Standard accessories (drawbar, swivel arm, center pulling device, etc.)
Split version
Etc., etc.
Email: ariel (at)
Tel: +86 155 0215 5686 (Wechat,Whatsapp)

Technical Data
Basic width: 3,000mm
Axle spacing: 1,500mm or 1,800mm alternative spacing
Twin tires 215/75 R 17.5
Axle load 45t at 1km/h
Email: ariel (at)
Tel: +86 155 0215 5686 (Wechat,Whatsapp)

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Modular Trailers, Self propelled SPMT,Lowbed Semi trailer,Wind Blade Trailer;
Goldhofer THP/SL, Nicolas MDED, KAMAG K25,Scheuerle, Cometto;
Modular Trailer Accessories including hydraulic gooseneck, drop deck, spacer, girder bridge, vessel bridge, turntable Scheuerle SPMT, Self-propelled Modular Transporters, Electronic Control Independent Steering SPMT 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 axle lowbed semi trailer, 8 axle / 10 axle Extendable lowbed trailer, Telescopic Trailer for Wind Blade (up to 65m length), wind blade adapter, Detachable gooseneck Lowboy Trailer.
Email: ariel (at)
Tel: +86 155 0215 5686 (Wechat,Whatsapp)

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