gps vehicle tracker(#GPS518)

gps vehicle tracker(#GPS518)

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Vehicle GPS and GPRS Tracker with Remote Control and Circuit by Mobile Phone 
Key Specifications/Special Features: 
Remote control the vehicle oil and circuit by mobile phone 
Based on GSM/CDMA/GPRS (850, 900, 1, 800 and 1, 900MHz network and GPS satellite positioning system to track the far-way object conveniently by SMS message, Internet GPRS software platform or PDA 
Location and tracking: Getting latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS and check position by Google earth or GPRS software platform 
SOS emergency alarm: Send the SMS message to the authority mobile number, when having the emergency situation by SOS button 
Voice surveillance: Can monitor the 5m scope sounds around the tracker 
Moving: Target move out the setting scope, will send SMS alarm message to the authority mobile number 
Speeding alarm: Target moves faster than set up speed, it will send alarm message 
Real-time polling: Report the location latitude and longitude data at anytime 
Geo-fence: Set up Geo-fence for unit to restrict its movement in the limited scope 
Auto track: Set up the tracking time to get the auto latitude and longitude data at every setting intervals 
Remote control the circuit: Can remote control (cup down or restart) the target circuit by mobile phone to send the SMS instruction 
Remote control the oil: Can remote control (cup down or restart) the target oil by mobile phone to send the SMS instruction 
Low battery alarm: Battery is low power, the unit will send the message alarm 
Non-signal alarm: Will send the last message alarm when the unit enter into the blind area 
All of our model supporting the GPRS software platform Internet real time tracking as long as the customer having the GPRS software platform 
Vehicle rental and fleet management 
Protects child, old, disabled and pet 
Provides peace of mind for businessmen 
Manage personnel 
Track criminals secretly 
Dimension: 77*44*19mm
BKD # 196648

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