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Type: Trading Company
Employees: 11-50
Area served: Worldwide
Best Price
We have established our own purchase network to supply you with reliable and high performance medical equipment. Thanks to this network, we are ready to contact medical equipment dealers throughout worldwide at all times, to acquire any hard-to-get popular equipment. We quickly respond to telephone and E-mail inquiries regarding value assessment of used equipment, and negotiate the cash amount we can pay for them. Making full use of thorough knowledge of the products we deal with, our specialists assess the true value of the equipment on sale in the market and choose high performance equipment. This is one reason why we can offer you high quality equipment at reasonable price.
Best Service
If you can't get the equipment you need when you need it, your work may fall behind the schedule, leading to undue postponement of the delivery date. We can satisfy almost any requirement, and can deliver the equipment you need in the shortest possible time. If we can't find the machine you're looking for in our own inventory, we'll start searching for the machine throughout our own purchasing network. We collect nationwide market information, from which we can obtain the machine you specify, and deliver in to you as soon as possible.
Best Communication
Demand for used medical equipment varies depending on the region of the world. We have established a system for quick telephone of e-mail response to all inquiries sent to our head office in Jakarta from Asia, Our staff in charge of marketing in each region visits local buyers at regular intervals to respond directly to their requests and conduct market research. Through our Internet mail order system everyone in the world can get the latest market information, on a real-time basis. In the way, we are trying to use all possible means of communication to improve the efficiency of our business.

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