Grain fertilize Drill

Grain fertilize Drill

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Product description	
1)Good versatility,Wide application range,Even broadcasting,etc.
2)It is matched with wheeled tractor 36.5-73.5kw, and is towed. It is suitable for drilling wheat, millet, sorghum, etc. It can fertilize while drilling,( except BG-24A) It can perform drilling, fertilizing, covering, rolling, etc. during one operation. It can work alone, also can work in several. Its structure is rational. It is simple, safe, durable, and high efficiency.

BG-24/BGF-24A2/2BF-24 Series Technical Specifications
1.Model	BG-24A	BGF-24A2	2BF-24
2.Driving force (kw)	29.4-59	36-73.5	36-73.5
3.Overall dimensions (mm)	3032*4180*1315	3032*4180*1330	3485*4280*1440
4.Net weight (Kg)	900	1000	1370
5.Drilling width (mm)	3600	3600	3600
6.Drilling rows	24	24	24
7.Rows spacing (mm)	150	150	150
8.Drilling depth (mm)	40-80	40-80	40-80
9.Volume of seed box(L)	325	370	300
10.Volume of fertilizer box(L)	 	235	390
11.Form of opener	double-disc	double-disc	double-disc
12.Working speed (km/h)	4-8	4-8	4-8
13.Working efficiency (ha/h)	1.6-2.7	1.6-2.7	1.6-2.7

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