Gravure Cylinder Nickel Plating Machine

Gravure Cylinder Nickel Plating Machine

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The Nickel-Plating machine is used for nickel plating process to place a layer of nickel on to the cylinder for perfect copper plating.

1. Enhanced the host frame of the welding to ensure that the equipment's overall strength, to avoid deformation of the host frame, the host frame surface is made by the anti-corrosion which improves the life of the equipment.
2. Large stainless steel baffle, stainless steel top cover to improve the appearance of the equipment and life.
3. The electronic component is famous brand, so as to effectively guarantee the stability of the current.
4. PVC board quality and advanced welding technology to ensure the quality of tank
5. Using the Japanese Iwaki of automatic control easily additive of measurement and dosing, can be precisely controlled amount of additive.
6. Adapter using high temperature, corrosion-resistant TEFLON sealing material with good sealing performance and life.

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