Grip Strut

Grip Strut

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Antiskid Plate, Grip Strut
Alligator mouth anti-skid plates, anti-skid plate,Grip Strut 
Materials: iron, zinc plates, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. 
Thickness :1-3mm (based on customer requirements) 
-Shaped hole: alligator mouth hole, round,drum-type and so on (custom-made according to customer requirements) 
Features: anti-effective and long service life, aesthetic appearance generous. 
Purpose: the production company anti-skid plate materials, including iron, aluminum, and so on, the thickness of 1mm-3mm, can be divided into the pass-flanging, crocodile-mouth, from drum-type and so on. As the board has a good anti-skid and anti-aesthetics, the industrial plant, production and transportation facilities have a wide range of uses for the passage of public places, workshops, the venue. Slippery road surface to reduce the inconvenience to protect the personal safety of staff, in order to facilitate construction. In special circumstances play an effective role in the protection.
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