GSM MMS alarm with SD card

GSM MMS alarm with SD card

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1. Aluminum case is durable.
2. Connect with camera with 30 megapixels
3. Built-in Li-ion backup battery, automatic recharge.
4. Support SD card to save photos.
5. Support moving motion photo taken
6. Support wireless remote enable arm,disarm,panic help with photo capture
7. Support wireless PIR motion detector, active photo-electric beams, smoke fire detector, gas leakage detector and so on.
8. With 16 wireless zone, 2 wired zone
9. One wireless relay output to enable control lights
10. Horn siren output, mute/audible siren sound seletable
11. SD card: 256M to save about 4000pcs; 2G for 28800 pcs
12. 5 groups alert telephone call and message
13. Spot monitor by telephone while alert call
14. Remote control system through telephone.e.g. monitor or photo taken
15. Password protection
16. SMS alert in English or Chinese
17. SMS remote control enable arm or disarm system, monitor spot, photo taken and so on
18. MMS alert to the set mobile phone enable user view spot.
19. MMS alert to the two set E-mail boxes
20. By internet, it can transport images to Central station in Computer.
21. SMS to capture photo any time by mobile phone.
22. SMS to capture photo any time to the set mobile phone by telephone
23. Size of wireless transmitting image: QCIF(160x128), CIF(320x240), VGA(640x480)
1. GSM module with three bands: 900/1800/1900MHz
2. Voltage:9-12v Standby current: 20mA. 
3. Operation temperature: -40~+85
4. Support PHASE 2/2 +protocol 
5. Emitting power: (2w)/EGSM900,(1W)/GSM1800 GSM1900
6. Receiving code: SK
BKD # 206070
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