GSM PSTN LCD Alarm System

GSM PSTN LCD Alarm System

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Main features

* Built-in keyboard and LCD display with LCD operation menu- easy to operate and program

* 128X64 dot matrix display built-in clock convenient for time checking.

* Original operation system for the main unit allows simple operation.

* Support card access control system, needless to carry the traditional remote control.

* 4 wired and 10 wireless zones each can support 10 detectors (the maximum is 100).

* Up to 8 wireless remote controls can be connected

* Built-in intercom speakers with high acoustic quality and large volume for two way communication

* Arm/disarm at regular time.

* Preset 6 alarm phone numbers, which the main unit shall dial automatically to make voice alarm.

* Preset 3 SMS numbers, to which the main unit shall send the alarm SMS automatically.

* 10s of manual recording.

* Built-in digital voice announcer, which shall report alarm conditions automatically.

* SMS language can be swift accordingly

* Telephone function, allowing communication with any phone via the main unit dialing

* One key control to arm the system via remote control or telephone when at home or outside.

* Programming for alarm place: help-seeking, fire, gas, door lock, living room, window, balcony or surrounding alarm.

* Various programming functions for zones, such as real time, delayed, 24 hours and bypass.

* Learning code system and easy to add/delete sensors in safe and efficient way.

* Various functions, such as remote control, system arming/disarming, monitoring and intercom.

* Alarm event recording: the main unit can record all the information of 40 alarm events automatically.

* Multi-arming modes: real-time arming via remote control, delayed system arming when outgoing, arm at home, arm at appointed time, remote arm via phone.

* Maintain the top priority of alarm: If there is alarm while calling, no matter incoming or outgoing, the main unit shall hang up call and dial the alarm phone immediately.

* Built-in lithium battery with high capacity to enable alarm while power-off.

* The system will be more secure if use GSM+PSTN alarm

Packing List

1 x GSM alarm panel

2 x Remote control

2 x Wireless door/window sensor

2 x PIR motion sensor

1 x mini siren

1 x Power adapter

GSM sistema di allarme/Alarmanlagen/GSM Sistema de Alarma /alarm systém/Alarma Sistema de Seguridad

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