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Type: Manufacturer
Employees: 11-50
Area served: Worldwide
Guangzhou TDS PRO Audio Factory specialize in developing & manufacture PRO audio products.

From the establishment of our factory we always focus our attention on developing PRO audio products.We trust a good product must need very careful process in developing and manufacture.Thanks to our senior engineers and the sophisticated staff, we can offer the products which customers need.At the same time, we use the technical way to guarantee the products quality.We use CAD for cabinet design work, CNC machine to make the speaker cabinet, DASS & LMS for testing of loudspeaker, crossover checking and phase checking equipment etc.All those work help us to keep the same product quality.

In all business, product is important.But the related service is more important.In order to offer ideal service, we have professional staff for products checking, transportation arranging and also we have engineers who can go abroad to do technical support and after sales service.Our philosophy is customer to be first.And we also trust better service will help both customer and us.Through good service we can keep long and steady relation with our customers.

Meet right sound, Meet right OEM partner, Meet right us!

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July 20, 2015


Joy Tan
No. 6, 2nd Industrial Area, Jiaoxin, Shijing, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510000
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