H-1850R Refrigerated Tabletop LCD Display Centrifuge 18500rpm 4x 100ml

H-1850R Refrigerated Tabletop LCD Display Centrifuge 18500rpm 4x 100ml

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Model: H-1850R
Max. RCF: 25330*g
Max. Speed: 18500r/min
Max. Capacity: 4*1000ml, 12x 1.5/2.2m, 18x 1.5/2.2ml, 24x 1.5/2.2ml, 36x 0.5ml, 10x 5ml, 12x 10ml, 6x 50ml, 4x 100ml,           
4x 10ml, 2×2x 48 hole
Power:  AC230V 50HZ
Power consumption drive: 370w
Power consumption refrig: 270w
Dimension:  370*520*610mm
NET Weight:  55KG
Time range:  0~99min
Speed accuracy:  ±50r/min
Temperature arange:-20 c--+40 c
Rotors are for available for your choice. Please contact us freely.
1. CE,1S09001 certification.
2. Computer control, high precision.  
3. Advanced CPU control system, the microcontroller can control the speed, time, temperature and relative centrifugal force.
4. Efficient use of strong fluorine-free refrigeration systems, environmental compliance, temperature control range of -20 c---+40  c, in the stationary state can also be pre-cooling of the rotor. 
5. Maintenance-free variable frequency motor speed is more accurate. Step by centrifugal speed and centrifugal force adjusted to 10mg/10×g. 0-time control 99hours 59 seconds, accuracy±1second/continuous centrifugal/transient centrifuge.
6. Stainless steel cavity, solid construction, suitable for continuous use, inflatable spring, easy open lid, automatic locking lid to ensure safe.
7. German import 5-inch large-screen LCD display. Rotating single-button control, easy to operate.
8. With door protection, speeding, over-temperature unbalance protection, can process real-time monitoring of the centrifuge to ensure the safe operation of equipment.
9. Rotor with super-hard alloy with a special process, with unlimited high-temperature sealing performance and disinfection functions.
10. Angele rotors with sealed, horizontal rotor(Biosafa rotor) to prevent sample contamination by staff.
11. Kneading Board Characteristic
12. German-import 5-inch large-screen liquid crystal display LCD, which can display set and actual values of parameters, with all parameters clear at a glance.
13. Single-button is for spin control, button for option activation, revolving for alternation of option parameters, and the other three buttons are only for startup, stop and cover opening.
14. When the operation finishes, error and imbalance appears, the voice signal will cue, stop the operation and display in the LCD by text at the same time.
15. 10 gear for take-off and landing speed (0 gear for freedom parking), 10 program storage.
H-1850R Rotor Parameter:
Rotor Type	Rotor No.	Capacity (ml)	Max Speed (r/min)	Max RCF (xg)	Test tube type
rotor	1850	12x 1.5/2.2ml	18500	25330	Pp conical bottom with lid
rotor	  1851	18x 1.5/2.2ml	16000	19030	Pp conical bottom with lid
Angle  rotor	1852	24x 1.5/2.2ml	16000	23210	Pp conical bottom with lid
Angle  rotor	1853	36x 0.5ml	13500	13250	Pp conical bottom with lid
Angle rotor	1854	10x 5ml	16000	18140	Pp round bottom with lid
Angle rotor	1855	12x 10ml	13000	15120	Pp round bottom
Angle rotor	1856	6x 50ml	12000	13750	Pp round bottom
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