Halal and Kosher Certificated Gelatin Capsules

Halal and Kosher Certificated Gelatin Capsules

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Gelatin Capsules

Where to buy high quality and safe gelatin capsules kosher and halal at reasonable price ? Genex Bio-Tech is one of the professional organic gelatin capsules manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy the bulk capsules for sale with with the size 1 or size 00 from us.
Gelatin capsules are small pearl-shaped shells that are used in encasing all kinds of substances, from vitamin supplements to medications. Putting taste-offensive and odor-offensive substances in capsules makes them easier to take orally. All gelatin capsules are tasteless, odorless and colorless. They are also safe to the stomach and do not cause stomach disorders when taken. They also interact efficiently with the substances that are contained in them. Gelatin is also known to enhance joint growth and flexibility because it contains hydrolyzed collagen, amino acids and proteins. It is considered as a form of food good for enhancing the health of our hair and nails. Recent studies have shown that gelatin can induce the body to burn fat and lose weight.

Gelatin capsules have an outer coating or shell containing the active ingredient and any filler. The shell is made of gelatin, usually derived from beef, along with water and a plasticizing agent such as glycerin to provide durability with flexibility. Hollow gelatin capsules have advantages for both the drug and supplement manufacturer and the consumer.

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