HAP powder

HAP powder

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As the raw material of food and cosmetic industry, HAP is a polypeptide compound with low molecular weight, which is made from glutin through hydrolyzation, refinement and dryness.

Glutin, Bone glue: In accordance with GB6783-1994
Pancreatin: In accordance with Pharmacopoeia of PRC 2000 Version
Active carbon:In accordance with Pharmacopoeia of PRC 2000 Version

Functional properties and advantages or benefits
1	Safe material, we can provide information of supplier, no one is so transparent so far.
2)	White powder without frowziness, keeping its inherent flavor and savor.
3)	Pure, with good instant solubility and high nutrition. 92% protein
4  Can take place of whey power of high price.
BKD # 234

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