HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Plastic Machinery

HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Plastic Machinery

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This production line is mainly used in the production of composite cable casing which is made of polyethylene and silicone mixture synthesis extrude of a inner wall with permanent solid lubricants (i.e., silicone core), the machine structure is reasonable, convenient operation, high automation degree, can achieve high production. Silicone core pipe has performance of polyethylene pipe of high strength and high toughness, corrosion resistance, long life service etc. good physical and mechanical performance, but also has low friction coefficient, pass through cable quickly, one-time pass through long cable, cost low characteristic and construction. And with all kinds of extrusion line of color marked, facilitating construction and testing,it is a new kind of cable shroud pipes after PVC smooth wall pipe, double corrugated pipes, multi hole pipes. Widely applied in the main engineering, highway, railway construction, is the first choice of pipes usded in underground cable shroud.

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