HE-860 VIA Eden PISA bus CPU Card

HE-860 VIA Eden PISA bus CPU Card

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COMMELL HE-860 SBC (Single Board Computer) is an all-in-one industrial half-size PISA (PCI/ISA)-bus CPU card based on VIA Eden embedded low power platform. Based on PISA-bus interface, HE-860 offers the flexible expansibility with PCI or ISA expansive interfaces via the industrial backplanes. Its 1 GBytes per seconds of data transfer rate let HE-860 provide several times of bandwidth rather than NS Geode, Transmeta Crusoe, and Intel ULP Celeron based SBC. With VIA Eden platform, 512 MB PC-133 SDRAM, integrated 3D SVGA8MB VRAM, 10/100 Mbps LAN, UltraATA/100 IDE, AC97 3D Audio, M-systems DiskOnChip SSD interfaces and ISA 64mA high drive capacity, the HE-860 provides the ideal embedded solutions for :

Advanced Embedded Computing Platform : advanced 686 level VIA Eden platform with 533 MHz of speed at 133 MHz of FSB, provides 1 GBytes/sec of data transfer rate. Based on x86 architecture and VIA's latest technology, HE-860 supports most of the x86-based OS and AP. That is, with HE-860, the embedded systems can be integrated and upgraded easily with the existent and popular x86-based software.

Ultra-Low Power / Fan Free Solution : based on the latest .13 of IC manufacturing procedure, the operating voltage range of VIA Eden ESP processor is from only 1.05 to 1.2 volts. The advanced thermal design makes HE-860 ideal for fan free embedded system designs as well as small size and lower profile form factors.

All-in-one Integrated Solution : HE-860 integrated with 3D SVGA, 10/100 Mbps LAN, AC97 3D Audio, UltraATA/100 IDE, DiskOnChip embedded solid state flash disk interfaces and ISA 64mA high drive capacity, provides the high integration solution for high-end embedded applications features high speed, high integration, low power, fan free, and full embedded systems with embedded OS in flash disk.

1.Powerful embedded computing capacity with VIA Eden 533 MHz CPU at the same level as Intel Celeron and Pentium-III
2.High memory capacity up to 512 MB SDRAM
3.Flexible integrated PISA-bus interface with PCI/ISA expansive interfaces with industrial backplanes
4.Integrated 3D VGA interface with 8 MB of video memory, high performance of TMDS panel link solution supported
5.Integrated AC97 3D audio interface
6.Integrated 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface
7.Integrated UltraATA/100 PCI enhanced IDE interface for high performance of HDD and DiskOnModule embedded flash disk
8.ISA high drive capacity with enhanced 64mA on data and address bus. Drive capacity up to over 20 pieces of ISA-based add-on cards for CTI, VoIP or other applications with multiple ISA-based peripheral cards
9.Integrated Solid State Disk interface with M-systems DiskOnChip embedded flash disk
10.Popular OS supported for industrial mainstream applications

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