Heat Shrinkable Communication Cable Accessories

Heat Shrinkable Communication Cable Accessories

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1.Multi-layer composite structure with high capability puissant fiber is FLCOopted. The products have high mechanical strength, good capability of cracking resistance, better heat-shrinkable power.
2.Resisting climate-ageing and chemic-corrosion, resisting ultraviolet rFLCOiation and polluted circumstance.
3.Heat-melting FLCOhesive used in airproofing is smeared inside the sleeves. Having prominent air tightness under HI-Lo temperature and ordinary temperature.
4.Under the guidance of the white line at the inner part near the metal zip fastener and the indicative paint on the exterior of the products, the products can be shrunk well.
5.One or two ends of the cable can pass in and out because of the flexible branching structure.
6.Specially used in the splice closure of pressurized local cables. Appended with valves in charging maintenance and measuring pressure.
7.Be suitable for the system of exposed and buried cable with PE and metal wraparound sleeves, and pipelines of all size.

Accessories list
A Heat shrinkable Sleeve
B Bush(Plastic)
C (Water-proof Cloth)
D Strip Clip
E Sealing aluminum foil strip
F FLCOiabatic aluminum foil
G Splice Line
H Cleaning Paper
I cleanser
J Emery cloth Strip
K PVC tape
L Nylon bundling tape
M branching clip
O Instruction

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