Heat treatment GP-12KW

Heat treatment GP-12KW

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High-frequency heating technology is widely used in various applications of metal materials, e.g., soldering, brazing, hard brazing, anneal, quenching, tempering, hot shaping, metal heating and local heating of work pieces, etc.
. Surface hardening treatment
. Forging heating
. Anneal, quenching and tempering
. Various heating applications

Induced heating has the advantages of highly efficiency, saving save time, reducing surface oxidation by fast through heating, saving material, eliminating stress, providing high sustainability, simple installation, capable of preventing the surface of work piece from decarburization, improving the quality of forge piece, extending the longevity of molds, stable performance, low and assured maintenance cost, making it a very efficient heating tool in heat treatment.

. Full solid state power generator combined with modular construction feature maximum operation convenience.
. Available to employ IGBT or MOS FET power unit. Compact construction, high performance and low power consumption. Suitable for metal heating and temperature raising.

Max. Out Power: 12KW / 30KW
Max. Input Power: 13KV / 33KV
Frequency: 30-80KHZ  / 100-300KHZ
Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 320mm
Net Weight: 15kg
BKD # 591551

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