Heavy Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Heavy Hexagonal Wire Mesh

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Heavy hexagonal mesh is also called big specification hexagon mesh or gabion mesh, it is made from high grade steel wire through twisting and braiding by machine. It can be mainly used in supporting and protecting of side slope and basis pit, mountain rock hanging mesh, green guard rail netting on side slope, railway guard rail netting, highway guard rail netting. Heavy hexagonal mesh also can be worked into stone cage or stone cushion, and used in reservoir, river or dyke for closure. 
Mesh size:60*80mm,80*100mm,100*120mm,120*150mm and so on.
Material :high	quality low carbon steel wire
(1)Large-size galvanized hexagonal mesh is twisted by high grade mild steel wire, Steel wire's tensile strength should be greater than or equal to 38kg/m2, and steel wire's diameter should reach 2.0mm-4.0mm. The surface of steel wire usually uses zincing protection, and the thickness of protective coating can be made according to the customer's requirement, the quantity of protective coating can achieve up to 300g/m2. 
(2) Plastic-plate galvanized hexagonal mesh is twisted by galvanized iron wire which has PVC protective coating on the surface. The PVC protective coating will be able to increase mesh's service life, and through the different color choice, it fits in beautifully with its surrounding natural environment. 
(3)Alloy coating of Zn-5% Al mixed,referred to as Galfan:the superiority of capability is mainly reflected as following:1,good corrosion resistance,it is 2-3 times than normal zin coated,soever outdorrs,in the humid environment,or in the marine climate.2,the ductility and deformation of the alloy coating steel wire even beyon the protect the steel substrate. Able to withstand the deformation process under conditions of strong winding, bending test, and needn't worry about the cracks and coating loss; 3. The alloy coating steel wire welding performance can be better than the galvanized steel wire; 4. The zinc alloy coating steel wire -- aluminum structure with an excellent uniformity of surface, as compared with other coatings, the alloy coating is a very good nature of the basement and the pre-treatment applied adhesive, which can improve the good characteristics  after applying the crack, corrosion and foaming.
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