Heavy Shipyard Transporter

Heavy Shipyard Transporter

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Heavy Shipyard Transporter A Series: WTW90A , 100A, 125A, 150A, 175A, 200A
Heavy Shipyard Transporter B Series: WTW100B , 150B, 200B, 250B, 320B, 380B,420B,530B
Heavy Shipyard Transporter C Series: WTW90C, 135C, 175C

By means of the transporter, the ship section is easy to be transported from workshop to the assembly area.
With hydraulically operated lifting and lowering system, it can set down the prefabricated ship section without the help of a crane or hoisting equipmen.
The total stroke of lifting is 700 mm, the platform is usually lifted by 350 mm to ensure that there are enough stroke available for the axle load compensation.
Two driver's cabins make it easy to move forward or backward with same efficiency. 
It can also move sideways or turn a circle with full load. 
The transporter can bear the overload when putting the load on the platform. 
Two or more than two transporter can be used together (this function is optional). After jointed by cables, only one drive is reuired.
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