Hematite Iron ore beneficiation

Hematite Iron ore beneficiation

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Hematite is a weakly magnetic ore, so there are more dressing methods, including gravity separation, flotation, high intensity magnetic separation, roasting magnetic separation, and combined process of several methods. 
Different Hematite beneficiation method
Flotation is the commonly used method for sorting grain size to microparticle size hematite, and which is divided into direct flotation and reverse flotation. Gravity and magnetic separation is mainly used for sorting the coarse ( 20 ~ 22mm ) and medium grained hematite ore. Massive and coarse ore's gravity separation, commonly uses heavy medium or jigging separation method; while fine ore's gravity separation always adopts screw washer, shaker, centrifugal washing machine. 
Hematite magnetic - gravity separation combination process
At present, as strong magnetic concentrate grade of the fine ore is not high, and the gravity processing has low capability, the plant ususlly adopts a magnetic - heavy combination process. When the magnetic - heavy combination process use the shaking table as hematite sorting equipment, it needs a number of shaker, covering an large area, more investment, so the processing introduces spiral chute with relatively large capacity  to processing magnetic separation tailings and discarding tailings in advance, and coarse concentrate is selected by shaking table , which can reduce the number of shaker.

The technological process has the advantages of strong applicability, saving investment, simple and practical operation. For the small hematite mine with short service life, the process can speed up production, recover the cost rapidly.
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