Herbal tea

Herbal tea

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Linden Tea; Lime Tree is a European type tree. In our country, it often grows in North Anatolia. This tree is 15-20 m long, it patches off its leaves in fall, its flowers are yellowish white and it smells nice, with its taste and smell, linden tea is a nice drink and has calming effect.
With this property, the doctors used to advise this plant to the public during the II. World War and in France the parents of the naughty children are recommended to use this drink for their children. In addition, according to the results of the experimental studies carried out by two doctors from American Chicago University research group, it is found that linden tea is one of the most efficient treatment forinfluenze and cold. As one of the indispensable drinks of winter season. Linden Tea takes its place in our lives with the name of "home doctor".

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