Hexagon metal composite steel pipe

Hexagon metal composite steel pipe

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metal as base metal, supported with hexmetal as skeleton inside and lined with corundum wear-resistance lining.It is especially suitable for fatricating large size, high temperature and wear-resistant piping.
Mainly applied in coal poweder conveyance in coal-fired power plant and material conveyer system for petrochemical,metallurgy and mines etc.
Highly thermal impact resistance and good mechanical processing property.
It will not be affected whatsoever in temper atures from -50 degree celsius to1500degree celsius.


1Cr13 , thick1.75mm (Can be customized at your requirements)
1Cr18Ni9, thick.75mm Can be customized at your requirements) 
Straight carbon steel Thick1.75mm-2.00mm (Can be fabricated to requirements of customer)

1. Hexagon assembly:No scaling on inner wall surface,when steel bar formed by pressing,there shall be no cracks at all angles with bending 
radius R<=2mm.

2. Dimension of various parts:Comply with requirements of drawings,all buckle ties in the assembly shall be fast without any sign of looseness.Unfitness of butt joint of two adjacent straps shall not be more than 0.3mm.Nonparallelism of assembly for each m2 shall be less than 3mm.

3. Hexmetal height: 20mm,  unit weight: 16kgs/m2;
 Hexmetal height: 25mm,  unit weight: 25mm 20kgs/m2.
 Knotting type: Side to side.
BKD # 206970

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