HF 1843 baggage conveyor belt loader

HF 1843 baggage conveyor belt loader

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Technology features:
1.	JX493Q1 four-vat diesel oil generator,power 57kw,rotating speed 3600r/min 
2.	ZC-YYX20C automatic gear-box,gear-shift 2-1-N-R 
3.	front bridge-forcibly placed swerve bridge which can load 2700kgs 
4.	back bridge-HF130 forcibly-placed series which can load 3000kgs 
5.	foot brake-the front wheel adapts hydraulic dishly brake, while the back wheel adapts beat-brake. 
6.	hand brake-the back wheel beat-brake is fixed beside the driving chair and is operated by steel rope and connecting pole 
7.	hydraulic system-gear wheel hydraulic pump can supply 15 litres runoff per minute 
8.	maximum working press-14MPa 
9.	swerve system-full hydraulic power turning system is standard fixing 
10.	controling system-electromagnetic valve is adapted in all operation in order to faciliate opertion and controling.The running of the belt is driven by hydraulic motor.front and back unilateral oil pressure vats rise and decent.H type steel frame is to control the height of the conveying rack.Standard type special balancing valve is used to prevent the falling of weighing luggage

1.	Tire-the specification is 7.0-15(enhanced),each one can load 1350kgs,the press is 600Kpa 
2.	Volume of diesel :50 litres (Alternative is 100 litres)  
3.	Volume of hydraulic oil chest:80litres,and is fixed with entry oil saft and 
4.	Conveying rack:the standard rack length is 8000mm(alternative is 9000mm),the width is 800mm.the belt width is 700mm,max loading capacity is 1050kgs,max conveying speed is 30m/min,the full width front anti-bumping and the luggage rail are standard device. 
5.	Standard lighting systems-head lamp,back lamp,direction indicating lamp,warning lamp and working lamp 
6.	Side watching mirror-standard type 
7.	Board-oil volume meter,hour meter,water thermometer,warning light:oil pressure and temperate warning light 
8.	Swith-elastic power oil chest switch and light switch.To serve various types of aircraft,you may use button with light

Electric equipments
1.	12V direct current elecrtric system,90Ah battery, 50A generator 
2.	Trumpet, working light and chief switch of the battery 
3.	Two of each front light, braking light and swerve indicating light 
4.	Operating relay and relay chest are put under the drving meter.

Alternative equipment
1.	Driving room-with door or no door 
2.	Warm air blower in the driving room 
3.	Air conditioner in the driving room 
4.	Supporting foot in front belt 
5.	Manually operating elevation 
6.	Spare tire and steel ring 
7.	Hand hydraulic pump in emergency use 
8.	Exposal warning light 
9.	Folded rail 

General parameters:
Length:  8000mm
Width:  2110mm
Height:  1510mm(not including driving room)
Weight:  3,350kg
Minimum swerving radius

Conveying belt height:
              Front 4200mm-1200mm
              Back 1300mm-540mm

Conveying speed:  max 30m/min
Conveyor Belt loading capacity:   600-1,050kg
BKD # 205738

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