hid xenon bulbs

hid xenon bulbs

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Dear sir
We are the manufacturer of automotive hid xenon conversion kit(hid xenon headlight) and auto LED lamps.
We have models such as: H1, H3, H4(L), H4(H/L), H7, H9/H11/H13, 9004/9007, 9005/9006, H4(Hi/Lo), D2R/S,H4(Flexible). Color temperatures have 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K,QB,ZB,HR,HJ,HP,HH etc.
Product Features
2 x Lasercut Rebased HID Bulbs
2 x Ballast
1 x Battery Wiring Harness with Relay
Installation Guideline and Hardware
Plug and Play
1 Year Warranty

Ballast Technique Parameter
Input: Nom 8VDC-18VDC
Lifetime: more than 3000h

HID Bulbs Specifications
Normal input voltage: DC 12.8V
Allowable input voltage: DC 8V-18V
Normal input current:3.5A
Normal output wattage: 35+-2W
Rapid Start: Reach 80% of normal state within 3 seconds at the beginning
Low voltage rating power device.

Characteristics of OTTO HID Xenon Kits
1.OTTO(TM) HID xenon kits are designed to be easily installed into any type vehicle with No modification. Plug and Play.
2.OTTO HID Available in 4300k (Yellowish),6000k(Crystal white), 8000k(Bluish),10000k(Violet Purple),12000k(Violet Blue).
3. Security: Unique special safe designed electric circuit of this product.
4. High Lightness: Its luminous flux is 3 times than present most excellent 55W halogen vehicle lamp.
5. High Color Temperature:OTTO HID Xenon Lamp can provide lamplight of 3000K-12000K.
6.Long Useful Life: HID Xenon Lamp has no filament; useful life may be 3000 hours, over 10 times than ordinary lamp.
7.Low Powerconsumption: the power of HID Xenon Lamp is 35W, greatly lightens the burden of electric power system and saves electric energy.
8.dust and water-resistant lamp tube
9. OTTO HID Conversion kits come with a 1 year full service
10. Small orders are accepted
Miss Lily Chou
tel: 0086-20 86190961
Fax: 0086 20 86190962
Mobile: 0086-13719479120

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