HID xenon lamp

HID xenon lamp

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Voltage: 12V
Watt: 35/50w
We could supply you both the single lamp and the device.

HID is the abbreviation of High Intensity Discharge in English. At first, the anti - ultraviolet UV-cut crystal quartz glass tube is filled with various chemical gases, most of which are inert gases such as Xenon and iodide. Then the 12 volts DC voltage is enhanced to 23000 volts instantly through the supercharger. At last, the light is produced between two electrodes by ionizing the xenon electrons with high voltage, whose process is the so-called gas discharge. The white Arc produced by xenon can increase the light color temperature, thus making it similar to the sun rays. HID requires only 3. 5A at work, with its brightness three times that of the traditional halogen lamp and its service life 10 times longer than that of the traditional halogen lamp.

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