High brightness sun readable lcd ad display with waterproof enclosure

High brightness sun readable lcd ad display with waterproof enclosure

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1. All weather high brightness sun readable tv with waterproof enclosure; 


2. IP65 enclosures, waterproof, dustproof, anti-humidity, anti-corrosion and anti-vandal; 


3. High-Brightness LCD Panel, brightness up to 3500nits, readable under direct sunlight;


4. AR Bonding TM-protection 6mm glass, anti-glare, high transmittance, low reflectivity and anti-ultraviolet; 


5. Intelligent air conditioner, integrated cooling and heating system; 


6. Automatically adjust monitor brightness according to ambient brightness, maximum energy saving; 


7. LCD panel will not turn black under direct sunlight;


8. Modular design, easy to maintain;


9. Operating Temperature -40°C to 55°C; 


10. Intelligent surveillance; 


11. Custimized design for client;


12. 19inch to 82inch outdoor LCD advertising display is available;


13. Optionally integrating Touch Function, WIFI, Networks, Information Issue System, Remote Monitoring System; 


14. CE, EMC, ROHS.
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