high performance of coconut shell activated carbon

high performance of coconut shell activated carbon

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Coconut shell Activated carbon:
This series products are made from high quality coconut shell,as material, produced by special process.The product was made in the husk filter and the anthracite filter by Processing,
Dehydration,Carbonization Activation etc. It is widely used in all the aspects of industry and agriculture.
Such as for water treatment, solvent recovery, chemical, purification and as catalyst carrier. exhoust gas
treatment and gas purification in the environment protection industry and filter cigarette,food process etc.It is fully in line with ISO9001:2000 national standard .

Significant advantages:
1) high developed porous stucture;
2) large spicific surface area;
3) adsorption capacity;
4) high mechanical intensity;
5) renewable, etc

1.It's widely applied invarious aspects of industrial and agricultural production,such as petrochemical industry non-alkali deodorization (s), ethylene desalting thiol off water (refined packing), catalyst carriers (palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.), water purification and sewage treatment;
2.In the food industrybeverage, wine, monosodium glutamate liquor and food refining and decoloring;
3.In the gold mining industry of gold extraction, tail liquid recycle;
4.In the environmental protection industry wastewater treatment, waste gas and harmful gas governance, gas purification;
5.in related industries cigar filters, wood floor moisture absorption, flavour, automobile pollution control,preparation of a variety cf liquid impregnation etc.

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