high power supply High Voltage Amplifiers ZA

high power supply High Voltage Amplifiers ZA

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Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Corporation


1.Output voltage±50v~±2kv
2.Through zero voltage programming & settling
3.Arbitrary wave amplifier
The ZA range is a unique family of high voltage power supplies, extending the operation and versatility of Wisman High Precision series. The ZA units feature very fast slewing and settling t imes, together with the ability to slew cleanly through zero. With a differential control input, they opera te like a high voltage amplifier with very tight temperature co-efficient of <10ppm/°C. the ZA range also features a 4 quadrant output stage, so the unit can source or sink up to its maximum output current, in either polarity.
Input: +24Vdc , MAX450mA,
control voltage(Vcon-in) -10Vdc to +10 Vdc
Standard:+24V input,-10Vdc to +10 Vdc programming.
Regulation: Line : ±0.01% of max voltage for Vin±1V.
Load : 0.01% of max voltage for full load change.
Stability:0.01%/hour 0.03%/8hour.
Minimum ripple:5mV(maximum voltage and maximum current)
Temperature Coefficient:10ppm/°C
Temperature Range:Operating : -10°C to +50°C
Storage : -25°C to +85°C
Protective Functions:
Units protected against reversed power input, reversed / essivecontrollingvoltage input,
continuous overloading / short circuit in output
D70 X W57 X H20
150g, typical
Information on wisman and their wide range of high voltage products is available by calling +86-29-3369-3480, or by visiting their website: http://www.wismanhv.com
Wisman High Voltage power supply is the world's leading provider of custom designed and standard AC-DC and DC-DC high voltage power converters for: medical, industrial,analytical, and security applications; semiconductor manufacturing; scientific instrumentation; and power feed systems for undersea cables. wisman is headquartered in the china. that provide design, manufacturing and service to our customers throughout the world.

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