High Quality Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass

High Quality Silk Screen Printed Tempered Glass

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Colored coated glass calls screen printing glass. It prints inorganic glazes(Also calls the printing ink ) to the glass surface, through drying, tempering or heating process, glazes permanently the printing ink in the glass surface, then we can get the cosmetic glass products of anti-rubs, anti-acid and anti-alkali. Colored tempered glass has the very high functionality and the cosmetic, it has many different colors and the patterns, like spot shape, linearity shape, net shape and electricity shape designs and so on. It also carries on the pattern according to the customer different demand.

Glass Type : Silk Screen Glass
Glass Structure : 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm etc.
Transmittance: 50%-85%
Reflectance: 7%-20%
U-Value: 2.00-5.00W/m2.K
Color: blue,grey,green,clear,ocean blue,gold,yellow,etc.
Certificate: ISO9001-2008 Certificate,CE,CCC
Warranty: 20 years

1. The colors, the designs diverse (ordinary according to customer requests), the options are broad. In curtain wall combination it can set off other glass or carry on the color to form a complete set.
    2.It has the characteristic without absorption, without Permeability and easy cleaning.
3.The colored glaze is inorganic colored glaze by the same glass materials, does not fade, does not flake, therefore as soon as the original tone and the building life maintain send.
4. The surface of the glaze can absorb and reflect a part of sun heat energy, the effect of visor is obvious, and has the energy conservation effect.
5.It can coat ,laminated, insulate and so on compound processing, and obtain other good special performance.
6.Through the tempered processing ,the final product has the good mechanical property, the anti-attack performance and the heat-resistance impact properties, and the safety performance is higher.

Application scope 
 Colored coated glass mainly used in The construction outer wall glass, the building natural lighting ceiling, the interior decoration separates, and the other glass products, such as the gas stove glass floor, the furniture glass, the bathroom glass, the electric appliance glass and so on.

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