High Speed Thermal Paper Coating Machine

High Speed Thermal Paper Coating Machine

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1, The machine used Germany-advanced coating technology, and intergrated with our own many years of experience in coating machine. It is suitable for solvent base coating head and non solvent base coating head of release peper or release film. 
2. Coating heads have solvent head and non-solvent head 
3, Oven can be used flat structure and arch structure, 
4, Two kinds of oven form: 
(1) ordinary oven, it is used high-efficiency axial fan, multi-sections temperature control, precise control of oven temperatureeach each section. 
(2) open-style oven, space-saving, well-use, easy maintaining. 
5, Pendulum bar tension control with a keep-wet System 
6, Adoption of EPC electronic correction system to ensure the edge of finished product is neat 
7, Duplex turret type rotary rewinder and unwinder, framework stability, equip with splicing devices, can splice film exchangeing roller without stopping machine. High production efficiency, to achieve non-stop automatic fixed-length rewinding.
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