Hook Clamps

Hook Clamps

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Changrui Investment Casting Co.,Ltd
No.132 Beiyi Road, Dongying, Shandong, 257091, China
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Hook Clamps 

Dongying Changrui uses investment casting,Precise Processing,Surface 
treatment technology to make hundreds of different castings and intensive 
processing Product with material Carbon Steel Stainless steel,Low alloy 
steel,High-temperature Steel and so on. 

Changrui is an experienced manufacturer of steel investment castings 
which produces castings by means of the silica sol (lost-wax)process. 

Changrui will try our best to make it straight forward to establish direct 
purchasing of your components from a reliable manufacturer operating 

to ISO9001:2000. 

With an output 60Ts castings per month,exported everywhere around the world. Hook Clamps 

Web address: http://www.investmentcastingchina.net

Please note that you should contact the supplier directly about stock, payment, packaging, shipping and delivery details.
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