Hot Tack Tester

Hot Tack Tester

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WESTINGAREA supplied L583554 Hot Tack Tester have the excellent performance displayed as:

Hot tack tester is applicable in hot tack property test for flexible and
semi-rigid packaging materials or pipe materials. Meanwhile, it is applicable
in peel, shear, tension and other test items for adhesive, adhesive tape,
laminated film, plastic film, paper and other flexible materials.

1. Characteristics

* Compatible with many standards of GB, ASTM etc.
* Combine functions of hot tack, hot seal, peeling, tension and other tests in one.
* The hot seal temperature, pressure and time can be set by users easily.
* Temperature control system of digital P.I.D., with high accuracy.
* Parallel heating surface, even temperature, good sealing efficiency.
* World famous higher accuracy pressure control elements.
* Optional load cell range, easy to change and easy to broaden the test scope.
* Perform many tests in different width by changing the specimen fixture quickly.
* Test controlled by micro-computer, LED displays, with professional software.
* RS232 port, easy to be connected with computer.
* With professional software, testing curve and group Multiple Curves can be printed.
* Electronically timing, several selectable speeds.
* Automatically zero, intellective malfunctions alerting, overload protect, stroke protect.

2. Principle

Clamp the two ends of the specimen by the static jaw and dynamic jaw, driver
moving the dynamic jaw produces relative movement. Tester gets electronic signal
from the load cell after the specimen suffered the force. After analysis, get
the data of hot tack, peel, and tension.

Note: Hot Tack Tester tests the strength of a specimen at a specified time interval
(tack time) after completion of heat-sealing in melting state but prior to the
temperature cooling down to room temperature.

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