hotmelt adhesive film

hotmelt adhesive film

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It concerns on the produc-tion of embroide-ry hot melt adhesive film,cold water-soluble film,hot melt back film (badge spe- cially),hot melt apertured film,we have develop adhesive nylon with high quality but low cost.Its melting point is neither to high nor too low,and its adhesive strength is strong,which is suitable to process with all kinds of whole cotton and mixed cloth.So the use of the adhesive film have formed a trend except cut derectly.
  At present,the elec-embroider pattern to burn the gum mostly adopt a kind of nylon(PA) compound which is a paper form to attaching.It is special that the both two sides can be attached whose surface is smooth without stickiness,and acid-resistant,alkali-resistant,tensility-resistant,but its adhen-sive strength is strong,and melting point is low and so on.As it reaches inter-national standard of cloth generally,it has been the most recommendatory adhesive film these years,and no other adhesive film could instead of it.
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