Huao UHMWPE/HDPE sheet for synthetic ice rink

Huao UHMWPE/HDPE sheet for synthetic ice rink

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uhmwpe synthetic ice rink can be used instead of a real ice surface for your small ice rink or for even the largest commercial indoor ice rink.  We select UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyehtylene) as the synthetic materia.

UHMWPE synthetic ice rink Characters:
1.very flat on the surface
2.The color is pure and any color can be made by us
3.We can give you an accurate size of UHMW-PE Sheet with advanced machine
4.Different shaped UHMW-PE Sheets also can be made by us like bending sheet
5.According to different requirements with different application,
special specifications can be customized, like anti-UV, fire-resistant,anti-static and with other characters
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