Hydraulic Servo Energy-Saving Control System

Hydraulic Servo Energy-Saving Control System

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Hydraulic Servo Energy-Saving Control System  
LNC-ES200 hydraulic servo energy-saving pump use close loop constant voltage control, will not have power loss like high pressure energy-saving one. Energy-saving efficiency can up to 70%-90%. We offer several selections from 1) motors-Taiwan Made or Japan Made 2)pump-piston or internal gear pump 3)LNC drives for customers to choose for their machines. 

Special design of ES200 Hydraulic Servo Energy-Saving Control System

In accordance with your machine requirement, 
Improving the efficiency of energy saving equipment to the ultimate.

ES200 can let your system temperature to go down significantly and extend the cycle of changing oil. Also it can reduce the consumption of cooling water to prolong life of hydraulic elements. 
6.ES200 doesn't have high voltage energy saving movement and can reduce noise to offer a comfortable working enviroment for operators

1.Easy structure, reliable operation, small size, low loss and high efficiency.
2.High-performance NdFeB Magnet is multi-polar magnetic rotor type.
3.Low rotation of inertia to ensure system's high dynamic response requirements.
4.High power density, high-efficiency drive, broad range of speed control.
5.Resolver feedback component is very durable and anti-interference.

1.Programmable output. 
2.Protection setting when motor overload.
3.Encoder input connect.
4.Fuse protection.
5.8 parameter sets, 14 parameter groups.
6.Programmable simulation input and digital output.
7.Adjustable slope balance.

Internal Gear Pump-
1.High pressure, efficiency, low noise.
2.Special compensation device, low loss.
3.Low flow ripple output.

Variable displacement Piston Pump-
1.Variable flow control to reduce energy losing while on pressure holding.
2.Suitable for long-time high pressure holding movements.
3.Rigid high speed, low friction construction, long life.
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