Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting Machine

Hydroponic Fodder Sprouting Machine

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The Hydroponics Animal Fodder Machine is full automatic.
the whole machine is made of stainless steel. The machine realizes in the production process entire automation. By microcomputer, the machine automatically controlling system to organize irrigation,humidity,lighting and heating (easy use), the automatically temperature
controlled,the ozone antiseptic technology used. the automatically water poured on.
electrical pumps for irrigation. sprayers distributed in suitable way. Full irrigation system to provide the best water distribution. which has advantages of time-saving,the labor saving,the low consumption,no noise and no pollution.

Suitable for most of grains and seeds like barley grass,wheat grass,alfalfa, grass, oats, sunflower, mung beans etc. With hydroponic fodder machine,you can get green "grass" from seeds, grass will be used for feeding livestock,such as sheep,cattle,horse,cow, Rabbit, etc.

Hydroponic green fodder equipment can shorten the growth cycle of bean sprouts,
especially in winter or low room temperature. Which can shorten half or more time cycle,
only 7-8 days .It greatly avoid the bacterial infection, hit chance.
So the rotten sprout, bacterial tinea, and vicious cycle rotten sprout will be controlled effectively.

Machine can produce natural, fresh, no pollution grass.

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