Imitation wood resin crafts

Imitation wood resin crafts

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Imitation wood resin crafts have similar appearance to the true wood crafts. And the service life of imitation wood resin crafts is much longer than that of the true wood crafts. And imitation wood resin crafts will not fade and corrode while they have been subjected to the sun and wind for many years. Besides, imitation wood resin crafts solved the problem of wood shortage, and solved the supply of crafts raw material radically. Imitation wood resin crafts are environmentally friendly, and they bring us the visual artistic enjoyment at the same time. Imitation wood resin crafts have the excellent performance mentioned above. They are widely used in house decoration to improve the taste.

The making process of imitation wood resin crafts is shown below:

Draw the complete product renderings according to design concept and carve the product by the method of clay figurine.
Make mold using plastic mold.
Pour the natural and environmental friendly resin material into the mold and proceed the vacuum compression. Pour the product out of the mold after it forms the shape and immerse the product into alkali water to remove the extra slurry. Then take out the product and make it dry naturally. It generally takes 4 to 5 hours in summer and 7 to 8 hours in winter to dry up.
Polish the product using the polisher after it dries up. And treat the detail parts with abrasive paper.
Do the colored painting after the product surface is smooth to make the wood grain effect.
Note: Don't proceed the colored drawing if there is still alkali water in the product. That is to say, you cannot do the colored drawing until the product dries up.
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