Indirect Yarn Steaming Tanker

Indirect Yarn Steaming Tanker

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Indirect Yarn Steaming Tanker
Functions and features:
Cotton yarn, wool yarn , polyester&cotton blended yarn, polyester yarn, spandex, yarn sewing thread, artificial fiber yarn, acrylic tow, mesh knitted fabric (curly fiber) etc. are all need to adding humidity to achieve the best effects, temperature from 50degree centigrade to 140 degree centigrade .
"JM" indirect yarn steaming tanker advantages:
1. Short process time, more energy saving , energy saving of 80% compared with traditional yarn setting machine.
2. Output yarn with stable quality, precise control of temperature & humidity to make every production batch get the same treatment.
3. The investment capital will recovered in short time, not only more economical and practical than imported machine, but also more energy saving than other brand domestic machines.
4. Output yarn without shock treatment and condensation spots.
5. Customer can adjust both temperature and humidity .
6. Suitable for processing tube, truck and box loading yarn.
7. It can deal with all kinds of natural and synthetic fiber yarn, blended yarn.
Realized Effect:
1. Relaxation, setting, and adding wet.
2. Increase strength of yarn, reduce fracture (cotton yarn breaking strength will increase 10%, wool elongation increased 30%).
3. Cotton yarn hairiness dust can reduce 30-45%.
4. Yarn with even humidity , high precision control of moisture regain.
5. Eliminate static electricity, improving yarn backing-off. 6. Touch soft .
7. Improve colour quality. 8. Improve production efficiency, improve the overall quality of products.
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